Spring forward with hope

Spring is definitely in the air, bringing a feeling of hope for new beginnings. Days are getting longer and, with the clocks going forward, we now have a welcome extra hour of light to enjoy in the evening.

Spring has always been the season of hope and optimism.

And hope has long been a positive element in our lives, though it can easily be overlooked when we are in tough times and it’s easy to feel miserable and depressed. Hope offers a powerful antidote to any depression or anxiety we might be experiencing. Hope supports our beliefs and goals for the future by allowing us to look forward to something with enthusiastic anticipation and with a reasonable expectation of succeeding. It also buffers us against those interfering, negative thoughts and emotions that can creep in when things are not going so well.

It also offers us the opportunity to find ways of achieving these goals, often despite obstacles, along with the motivation to keep on going. It is a positive force that keeps us buoyant when the going gets tough. It helps us adopt an upbeat attitude of mind and enables us to feel that what we want we might actually be able to have.

The good news about hope is that it is an attitude that can be actively adopted – it is not an innate personality trait. By working out what you would like to happen and then anticipating how you can go about accomplishing this, you will begin to see how hope can help you make things moving forward.

Once you are on your way, you will find that your hope for a positive outcome will provide the impetus to keeping on going and achieve your objective. You will also have the incentive to keep on going until you have got what you wanted.

Everyone needs hope as a means to keep going confidently and make the most of our lives. I believe that hope is an essential component in determining our emotional wellbeing and resilience. By seeing the glass as half-full, rather than half-empty, allows you to see things in a positive way, and prompts you to expect that things can only get better.

Springtime is just the season for this, as the wonderful, vibrant daffodils appear on the roadside and the trees start to miraculously burst into bud. What’s not to like and to hope for?
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