how to stay motivated

How To Stay Motivated

Find your motivation and become your best self ever

Most people will tell you that they want to do their best and become their best self ever. But it requires quite a lot of motivation to become your best self ever as it usually does not tend to happen by accident.

When you develop a level of motivation to be single-minded in the quest of making the best of yourself, you will find that you life will become both happier and more productive.

To increase your level of motivation permanently, the secret is to determine what you are good at and usually love doing. You can then use this self-knowledge to build your self-confidence to find opportunities for doing more of what really motivates you.

A tough call?

In our self-critical world, it seems to me that people are often encouraged to focus more on correcting what is perceived as their weaknesses. They concentrate on what they don’t do well, rather than taking time to identify and develop their strengths. This is not the best way to boost your motivation or use your energy to best advantage.

But if you want become your best self, this is no time for false modesty. It’s important take some time to work out where your strengths lie and then focus your energy on maximizing and growing those strengths. This will put you well on the way to developing your best self, as well as growing your self-confidence.

To do this, it is worth asking yourself these three questions:

What do you do that gives you a buzz?

Make a list of those activities that give you a real buzz. This is the starting point in identifying what you really enjoy doing. Your answers will reflect your personal passions and pinpoint those areas in your life which inspire and motivate you, which make you stand out in a crowd. This can be quite a motivating activity in itself and can often be the start of an exciting journey of self-discovery.

What sorts of things would you like to more of ?

Reflect if there are any activities you are currently doing that you enjoy and would really like to do a great deal more of. These might be things you love doing when the opportunity presents itself, but where there is little chance of being able to get involved in on a regular basis.

By identifying and then cultivating your hidden talents in these key activities, you will find it easier to spot when new opportunities open up. This in turn enables you to enhance your strengths and will help you begin the process of becoming the person you always wanted to be.

What sorts of things would you like to less of ?

Finally, make a list of the activities that you don’t really like doing. If you can, try to get rid of them. These things are seriously cramping your style and losing you motivation. If these activities are essential in your life and you cannot get rid of them, try to find some other way to get these done. This might possibly be by passing them on or finding a willing volunteer to take them on. Above all, don’t waste time on them; it will only demotivate you. Rather spend your time and energy on fostering those life-affirming areas that you want to develop and enjoy.

Positive Thinking

When you take stock of your talents in this way, you will find it much easier to recognize as well as acknowledge your strengths. And when you use your strengths positively and productively, you will enhance your future development. Using your strengths makes it so much easier to keep up your level of motivation when the going gets tough.

I believe that when you pinpoint and then build on your strengths, you will find that you enjoy your life more. You will also find that your confidence and motivation will soar, enabling you to become your best self ever.

Kate Keenan