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The Best Self Help Books For Business

I’ve read my fair share of self help books, it has to be said. The problem is, they’re all much of a muchness. There’s nothing that shouts ‘I’m different, read me!’

What Makes Pocket Manager Books Different

Well to start with, I love the size of this fantastic set of self-help books. I keep them on my desk and find the one I need, when I need it. The books themselves are inexpensive but they are packed full of useful no-nonsense tips on how to get ahead in business and stay there! That’s not how they are marketed but that’s definitely a good way to describe them.

Kate’s straight forward approach to personal development is refreshing. There’s no New Age mumbo jumbo here. I want specific advice on how to deal with a variety of situations and moments that occur in business.

I love the fact that I can download them to my Kindle too. I love my Kindle with a passion!

Assertiveness Is Key

I’d say that assertiveness is definitely key when it comes to running your own business. Although I kid myself that I actually am assertive and never let myself get talked into anything I don’t want to do, I’m actually lying to myself. When it comes down to it, who benefits from such a lie. Certainly not me!

Although the books are aimed at businesses and entrepreneurs I believe some of the titles are of benefit on a personal level too. Assert Yourself in particular.

I’m not one for seeking outside help in person, but seeking advice from a cute little book where no-one knows I’m doing it is the perfect solution.

I can highly recommend Pocket manager Books if you’ve read lots of similar stuff but not quite found the right mix of advice and tips that you can actually practise….

Review by Rachel Sheridan – Marketing Director – Moonshine Internet Solutions Ltd.