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Pocket Manager Books started life as ‘The Management Guides’ over 20 years ago, during which time the series sold over 1.3 million copies, translated into in over 17 languages.

The original books were written as a response to the lack of small, easily comprehensible, management books to help newly promoted managers get to grips with the complexities of the management dilemmas they would inevitably face during their professional development.

Since their re-launch as Pocket Manager Books in 2013, these books now focus on helping Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners to develop the relevant skills and knowledge to assist them in building and running a successful business.

Based on sound psychological principles, they put the entrepreneur at the heart of the business equation, because without a skillful and flourishing leader, the most valuable asset of the enterprise, no business is likely to reach its potential.

Pocket Manager Books provide you with an easy entry into the world of management. They are your ‘starter for 10’. They get you going and provide you with essential underpinning knowledge, as well as practical actions to help you move forward and achieve your goals and dreams.

Kate Keenan Author of the Pocket Manager Book series

Kate Keenan CPsychol AFBPsS BA BSc MSc MPhil

Author, public speaker, business mentor, coaching psychologist and occasional broadcaster.

Kate has over 20 years’ experience as a chartered psychologist. She is an occupational psychologist, registered with the Health & Care Professions Council. She specialises in increasing business psychological wellbeing, and reducing and resolving stress-related issues in the workplace. She has a postgraduate qualification in Mental Health Studies from Kings College, London.

Kate helps business owners maximise the prime asset of their organisation – themselves. She is the author of the Pocket Manager Series, which is designed to help people develop the skills to manage themselves, their time and their businesses better.

She supports business owners and managers in understanding and developing the key knowledge and skills required to become effective leaders, managers and captains of industry.

Kate is passionate about helping people to perform better and enjoy their work more by providing frameworks on which they can build both job and personal satisfaction. During her work as facilitator, psychologist, business skills trainer and professional life coach, Kate has accumulated a series of practical and transformative evidence-based strategies designed to help people make the most of their opportunities, both business and personal. During that time, she has also become an experienced small business mentor and professional life skills coach.

For more information visit www.kate-keenan.com

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