Welcome to Pocket Manager Books

Pocket Manager Books offer a fast route to flourishing in business and living a successful life.

They provide you with the tools you need to become both confident and proficient in many different areas. From managing a team, running a meeting, or becoming more assertive, these books offer you clear and practical advice on how to improve your knowledge and skills to help you make the best of your most valuable asset – you.

Especially for people who have neither the time nor the inclination for ploughing through the normal tomes…
The Daily Telegraph

How can the books help?

  • They provide you with the first steps in developing your skills
  • They help build confidence in using essential management techniques
  • They set out exactly what you need to do, why you need to do it, and how you can achieve it – giving you the whole picture

Who should read them?

  • Busy entrepreneurs and home workers
  • Time-poor company executives
  • Newly-promoted managers
  • Business students
  • Chairs of clubs or committees

How long will it take?

  • Not long at all
  • They are written using simple, clear language avoiding jargon
  • They only take an hour to read